Wireless Smoke Alarm Controller

Designed for Property Managers & Tenants

When you upgrade to meet the new 2022 Queensland legislation, many properties will have approximately 4-8 interconnected smoke alarms. If one alarm sounds, they all sound. This can be an incredibly loud and annoying experience.

What does a tenant do when this happens? Simply switch them all off at the controller of course (but only if you have one)!

The Smoke Alarm Controller from Smoke Alarm Services alleviates the need for a tenant to put up with the incredibly loud noise, they don't have to run around the house trying to find out which smoke alarms is causing at fault, no need to get on a ladder – the alarms can be silenced from the one wall mounted switch.

This will result in less maintenance calls to you (often in the middle of the night), less stress for your tenants and less cost for your owners. Tenants won’t need to break a smoke alarm to stop it going off, saving replacement costs.

Why do you need the Smoke Alarm Controller?

Instantly silence all alarms
Instantly locate the false alarm
Allows tenants to deal with false alarms instantly & easily
Silence alarms by simply pressing one button on the wall
1 Button to simply Test, Locate & Silence


Purchase your upgrade from $169.00 per alarm, Fully Installed. Pay using Bank/Credit Card & secure your installation today!


Book Compliance Today | $129.00 Per Year


Purchase your upgrade from $169.00 per alarm, Fully Installed. Pay using ZIP | Money & secure your installation today!


No Payment Required | Instant Quote in minutes.

SAS Services Provided

Annual Compliance

Are you Compliant with 2022 Queensland legislation? We can provide a solution to ensure your property complies! We provide Queensland Homeowners & Landlords an Annual Compliance Subscription for all Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Smoke Alarm Upgrades

Smoke Alarm Services can design and implement a Smoke Alarm Solution for your home or investment property. We provide Queensland property owners Alarms to ensure compliance with new legislation.

Our Experience Ensures Compliance

Tim Maynard and his team have all your Smoke Alarm needs covered. A team of local qualified electricians boasting decades of experience can ensure your home, investment property, business, etc. is compliant with Smoke Alarms and the upcoming legislation in 2022. 

To give your family the best chance of surviving a house fire, QFES recommends updating your smoke alarms to match the new legislation as soon as you can. In the meantime, make sure all your alarms are working and properly maintained. A well-practised fire escape plan will also ensure a quick escape.

Why Choose Smoke Alarm Services

All types of Electrical works covered
High Quality Workmanship
All Electricians & Technicians are Police Screened
Available for our clients 24/7
10+yrs Experience
Free No-Obligation Quotes
Competitive Rates
Fully Stocked Vehicles
On Time Every-Time
Our Customers are our #1 Priority
All Installations are backed by a Manufacturers Warranty
Family Owned & Operated Business
South East Queensland Residents & Businesses Know & Trust SAS

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